Weber-Huff , Inc. offers thousands of products through the manufacturers we represent. We invite you to view their products in more detail using the links below. To place an order, call us at 513-874-1911. If you are a manufacturer and wish to increase your market presence, please contact us about joining the Weber-Huff TEAM. 

Floor set & ceiling mounted Fan coil units, convectors, propeller & cabinet unit heaters.

Steam traps, steam valves, PRV's, control valves, and air vents.

Commercial Water to water and water to air geothermal and water source heat pumps.

Electric duct heaters, unit heaters, and gas detectors.

Flex Water Tube boilers in hot water & steam, forced draft Gas/Oil, Electric & Condensing. Steam specialties 6 to 600HP

PEX radiant floor panels for in slab, snow-melt and retro-fit installations

Manufacturer of packaged gas booster systems & FM-approved check valves, accessories and services

Gas regulators and govenors

Flow-measuring automatic and manual balancing valves, hose and coil hookup kits

Type 'A' PEX tubing, HVAC control systems and accessories for radiant heating, cooling & geothermal systems.

Oil, gas & dual-fuel power-fired commercial & industrial burners

High efficiency & condensing copper & Stainless tube boilers, domestic water heaters and ASME storage tanks

Ceiling & wall mounted fan coil units, vertical & stack units; Air Handlers; Integrated Piping System (IPS) Solutions

Commercial and industrial HVAC hot water coils, chilled water coils, chiller coils & steam coils.

Manufacturer of pipe markers and labels, safety signs, brass valve tags & equipment nameplates.

Glycol and closed loop make up water system feeders, condensate neutralizers & dematerializers for makeup.

Residential/Commercial cast iron & steel firetube boilers, accessories, radiators, & baseboard.

Electric, gas-fired, steam and adiabatic humidifiers and controls
* Product NOT available in Columbus Trading Area

Commercial/Residential expansion tanks & hydronic heating accessories; Chemical Feeder Filters and Funnels. * Product NOT available in Columbus Trading Area

Commercial/Residential Pumps, Hydronic Specialties. Expansion tanks, air and air/dirt removal, Plate & Frame and Shell &Tube heat exchangers, packaged HVAC & Domestic Water Pressure Booster Systems.

Plate & frame, Brazed, double wall & Semi-welded Heat Exchangers for a wide range of HVAC and specialty uses.

Factory assembled CTI-certified non-corrosive fiberglass induced draft counter-flow & closed circuit cooling towers

Boiler feed condensate & vacuum pumps, deaerators & steam specialty products.

Floor & wall hung stainless condensing boilers, heat exchangers, combination boilers, and water heaters.